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Steven Seagal, LAWMAN

Apparently Steven Seagal is not just a professional badass--he's also a Deputy Sheriff. And he has a new reality show starting December 2nd on A&E, called STEVEN SEAGAL, LAWMAN.

From what I can tell, it's kind of like COPS, starring Seagal.

(Thanks to caer_swan for bringing this to my attention. ♥)

Yes, Virginia, Xmas is coming early this year. Santa is bringing you a stocking full of kick-ass.

I became a Seagal fan kind of late. When I was a kid, for some reason I felt like you either had to be a Seagal fan or a Van Damme fan, like a Mac vs. PC or Marvel vs. DC kind of deal for action heroes, and I was firmly in the Van Damme camp. But I have made up for those lost years with enthusiasm.

Who but Seagal could deliver the line "Whose hotdog is this?" with such badassity & panache, making it an instant quotable classic?? (In the bar scene in Out for Justice, Seagal is messing around behind the bar, pissing off the patrons, and, totally randomly, picks up a hotdog and tosses it into some guy's beer, saying, "Whose hotdog is this?" It's awesome. You can check it out in this clip at around the 2:24 minute mark; just know that the clip is chock-full of BAD LANGUAGE. That warning's for you, kids.)
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